Since its inception 7 years ago, G2 Organics has inspired new solutions in the beauty industry. We believe in creating non-toxic products that reduce our collective environmental impact and carbon footprint. All of our products are 100% certified organic and created in one of the top natural skin care manufacturer facilities, AE Labs, in New York City. G2 Organics worked with top chemists to produce products made from the highest grades of essential oils, highly effective raw botanicals, and all naturally derived proven skin and hair elixir formulas to create a line like no other that is safe for the entire family.

NO ANIMAL TESTING In the last few decades, the public has become far more aware of the cruelty and unreliability of testing cosmetics on animals. Although not required by law in Canada or the United States, some beauty brands stubbornly refuse to kick their animal testing habit, and continue with this obsolete and inhumane practice to this day.  G2 Organics does not test on animals! 

We are a strong believer in the Reiki principles of the law of attraction and the healing power of stones. Our product line are Reiki charged with quartz crystals, which is apart of healing rituals linked to the ancient cultures of China, Japan, Greece, India, and Egypt, to name a few. 

It is said that these stones provide balance, peace, love, beauty, peacefulness, and emotional healing, sending good energy to the mind, body, and spirit. All G2 Organic products are made with good energy that transcends to the user and back into the earth. Our products ease stress, promote happiness, and are overall better for one's body.

We were named "Best Organic Nail Polish Remover" by Marie Claire Magazine, received the "That’s so Green Divas” award by The Green Divas, and been recognized as top editor picks by Glamour Magazine, Ebony, Marie Claire, and Cosmopolitan Magazine.