Call 914 738-3838 For a session with Cherie using The Corso Method that was developed to channel the body's innate energies.  While energy can neither be created, nor destroyed, this unique process balances the energy within, resulting in a more definitive, more elevated and more centered sense of being.

With the customized practices of

-  Meditation

-  Card Reading 

-  Intention Visualization

- Reiki Re-balancing

- Chakra Clearing

- Crystal Energies and the Figure "8" Detoxifier

Each component of the Practice, works together for the purpose of igniting the light within, to enable our full potentials.

Cherie Corso - loving wife, mother, Reiki master, environmentalist, and former model extraordinaire has always had her eye on great makeup and quality products. Watching her mother and aunt suffer from breast cancer, Cherie began to pay closer attention to the toxic products they used every day, and found the average person applies over 500 chemicals before leaving the house each day. Through that burning curiosity to learn more, she came to believe that what we put in and on our bodies have a direct relationship to our overall health. As a longtime entrepreneur, it was a natural progression for Cherie to fuse all of her knowledge from top designers and creators in the fashion world and newfound chemical knowledge to create a line that represented her deep-rooted beliefs on balance, family, health, and beauty – and with her business partner the award-winning G2 Organics, LLC was born!

Known in the industry as a beauty expert with a hands-on approach, Cherie has made it her life’s mission to help others live a balanced life. She combines her lifetime knowledge, experience, and education to offer real-time parenting advice on challenging issues parents face every day. To find out more about Cherie and her expert parenting advice, visit at