Will G2organics nail polish remover work as well as my the smelly polish removers?
Yes, even better because you will not be exposed to harmful chemicals or vapors in the air.
Will this dry out my nails?
No, because there is Aloe Vera in the remover.
Is there anything Toxic in the remover?
No Toxic chemicals, Obviously NEVER allow children to use it without supervision.
How do I use it?
Dab a cotton ball or a gauze pad, rub nails until polish is fully removed.  Repeat if necessary. Rinse hands with water to remove any residue. Also never use near flames.
Why G2organics?
All products made in USA
No Toxic chemicals
No animal testing
Organic materials used
Non carcinogenic
Portion of all sales goes towards cancer research
Good energy is passed on, and G2 products are created to help people find a better way "one drop at a time"
What does Reiki  charged mean?
Reiki ( pronounced ray-key) means "universal life energy"  In Japanese and Reiki  practitioners use hands  on to get the energy flow. Cherie and Marie are Reiki certified and  Reiki charged every product personally to amplify the good energy and the integrity of the product.
Will I feel different? 
Its all good by buying our product you help yourself, the environment, and cancer research. 
Why Quartz crystals in some products?
Quartz crystals have been used throughout history for healing. Quartz creates Harmony and well being.  The vibration of the stones help harmonize, balance.  This will now make the unpleasant task of removing polish uplifting and feel a feel good one. What do I do with the crystal when done?
Keep it and enjoy, and know we care!